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Laufrad (Trailing Wheel)

Installation in the Gallery 1:10, hosted by Air de Paris

slideprojector Paximat
100 slides
Projectionspace: 60 x 40 x 30 cm

The gallery 1:10 is now hosted with its fifth show by the gallery Air de Paris. The invited artists have created site specific works for this 1:10 scale model of a fictitious gallery space.
In her Installation "Laufrad" (Trailing Wheel) Alena Meier interprets the projectionspace of Gallery 1:10 as a behavioristic laboratory cage.
The viewer is mirrored by a projector with an upright slidemagazine, behaving seemingly alive. Both gaze through little holes into the fictious gallery. By means of a real mirror image and imageproducer (projectorlense) merge into one. Shown are 100 pictures (1 per sec) of two mongolic desert-mice, trying to get out of the model of the very same projectionspace. The highly overexposed photos, which give no space to feelings of cuteness at all, show incidentally the various working-approaches
of the artist.


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(this side is normally closed by the backwall of the main room)
      projectionspace viewed through the hole
each slide is shown 1 sec
6 of 100 slides